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A mature hedgerow can create too much shade for the saplings and wild flowers to flourish, therefore, the whole hedgerow starts to die back at the base.  This is the ideal time to lay the hedge allowing it to rejuvinate.

For landowners with livestock mature hedges will often have gaps and will not be stock proof.  Hedge Laying is a sustainable method to create a stock proof hedge whilst simultaneously rejuvinating the hedge and stimulating bio diversity.

Devon hedge before being laid Devon hedge after being laid

Devon Style Hedge Laying Steven McCulloch
Devon style hedge laying with crooksticks

I only use natural bindings and crooksticks to create a compact laid hedge.  String is not required.  If required, I can trim out the logs for your use or to create additional habitats.

Once a hedge has been laid it is also good practise to 'earth up' where the base of the bank, which will have slumped over many years, is dug up and placed on top of the bank.  This completes the process of rejuvinating the hedge and creating a stockproof barrier.  The picture to the left shows a bank that was earthed up in 2007, I laid the hedge again in 2014 and clearly demonstrates its function as a stock proof barrier.

The pictures below shows regrowth after one year, note the abundance of foxgloves that will be flowering next year, and regrowth after four years.

I was the National Hedge Laying Champion, Devon style, in 2014/15 and have also been competing and winning awards in regional hedge laying competitions, such as the Blackdown Hills Hedging Association Annual Event, since 2010. In the 2015/16 season I placed 4th in the National Championships, 2nd and 3rd in two regional competitions and 1st in The Cotley Hunt, the final competition of the season. Last season I placed 3rd at Melplash and 2nd at Cotley Hunt. I came 1st at the Devon Rural Skills competition and won the Blackdown Hills Re-growth cup.

Really looking forward to Melplash in September, the first competition of the 17/18 season.

hedge laying regrowth year 1Hedge Laying regrowth year 4
Devon Style Hedge before Cotley Hunt competition Winning Devon Style Hedge after Cotley Hunt 2016 competition

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